"Ancient Wisdom For Modern Healing"

Taoist Qi Gong & Meditation, Psychic Reiki Classes, ChakraDance, Anti-Aging

Mission Statement

We offer services with an emphasis on Medical Intuitive Energy Healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutritional Counseling and Holistic Classes in San Diego. This results in finding the root cause of all health concerns, from pain and common illnesses to emotional and mental stress. Our goal is to heal, educate and empower others using energetic theory, natural health, and mindful living.

“Live  in love. Nurture the inner being. Grow from experience.”


JiHea has been a professional in the healing arts since 2004 in San Diego, but has been well aware of subtle energies since a young age. She is also one of the few initiated into the Ancient Egyptian Sirius spiritual system, which further allows her to effectively direct universal energy, as well as intensive psychic distanced healing.

“I am a Medical Intuitive Healer, my gift is about connection.”

What We Do

Intuitive Counseling Services
Taoist Inner Alchemy Classes
Chakra Dance Programs
Metaphysical Classes
Anti-Aging Holistic Therapies

“Heal the soul. Unite the energy bodies. Empower the essence.”

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